Century Palm – “King Of John St.”

Western Canadian punk label Deranged Records released early recordings by the likes of White Lung, Tenement, and Pleasure Leftists, and now they’re back with the debut from Toronto post-punks Century Palm. Meet You is out this March, and it’s preceded today by “King Of John St.,” a gloomy celestial standout that sounds like New Order fronted by a bellowing misanthrope. Bassist Paul Lawton provided some background:

“King Of John St.” is about moving to the city only to be surrounded by sacred giants — buildings, people, ideas, history — and struggling with the realization that individuality does not count for much. After moving to Toronto from a smaller music scene in Alberta, I walked up and down John Street every day for a couple years, under the CN tower, feeling completely isolated and anonymous, and kind of giving up on myself for a bit. This song is about trying to shake out of a very specific kind of rut in a big city, and coming to terms with how small you are in comparison.

Hear “King Of John St.” below.


01 “Reset Reaction”
02 “Trapped Here”
03 “Then You’re Gone”
04 “These Walls”
05 “Sick Of It”
06 “New Creation”
07 “Walk Forever Blind”
08 “King Of John St.”
09 “Another You”
10 “Desire”

Tour dates:

03/02 Toronto, ON @ The Monarch Tavern
03/03 Montreal, QC @ Turbohaus
03/04 Ottawa, ON @ House of Targ
03/09 Sudbury, ON @ The Tennis Dome
03/10 Thunder Bay, ON @ The Apollo
03/11 Winnipeg, MB @ The Handsome Daughter
03/14 Lethbridge, AB @ The Owl
03/15 Nelson, BC @ The Royal
03/16 Abbotsford, BC @ Carpark Manor
03/18 Vancouver, BC @ Astoria
03/19 Victoria, BC @ The Copper Owl
03/22 Edmonton, AB @ The Buckingham
03/23 Calgary, AB @ The Palomino
03/24 Regina, SK @ O’Hanlons
03/25 Saskatooon, SK @ Vangelis
03/30 Peterborough, ON @ The Spill
03/31 Toronto, ON @ The Monarch

Meet You is out 3/10 on Deranged. Pre-order it in digital formats.

CREDIT: Rico Moran
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