Beach Slang – “2000 Light Years Away” (Green Day Cover)

Green Day appear on the cover of the latest issue of the UK rock magazine Kerrang!, and the magazine includes a CD that features bands like Twin Atlantic and Waterparks covering Green Day’s songs. For our purposes, though, the big news on that CD is that heartfelt Philly punk rockers Beach Slang — who recently became a trio, just like Green Day — are on there, playing a faithful cover of Green Day’s “2000 Light Years Away.” Green Day’s original is a heartsick pop-punk basher, and it opens Green Day’s debut full-length, the 1992 indie classic Kerplunk! Beach Slang don’t change much about the song, but it’s striking hearing a song about those teenage-isolation feelings being sung by a grown man like Beach Slang’s James Alex. Listen to their version below.

You can order that issue of Kerrang! here, and check out our cover story on Beach Slang.