Run-D.M.C. Sue Walmart & Amazon For $50M Over Knockoff Merch

Run-D.M.C.’s logo is one the most iconic in music — so iconic, in fact, that it’s often repurposed for parodies like the Run D.C. apparel that emerged when President Barack Obama took office. But it turns out a lot of the Run-D.M.C. merch out there is not officially licensed, and Run-D.M.C. have a big problem with that. TMZ reports that the legendary rap group is suing Walmart and Amazon for selling items with the logo including glasses, hats, t-shirts, patches, and wallets. The suit alleges that the retailers are partnering with manufacturers (who are also targeted in the lawsuit) to knowingly hawk the unofficial gear. Run-D.M.C. reportedly used their $1.6 million agreement with Adidas to calculate the value of the suit.

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