Mount Eerie To Play New Songs At First Show In 2 Years

Phil Elverum has announced his first Mount Eerie show in a little over two years via his imprint’s Tumblr. The free concert will go down on 1/6 at the Business record shop in Anacortes, Washington. Elverum shared that he’ll be performing 11 new songs in a set that will last for approximately 45 minutes. He also warned that the material he’ll be performing deals with the very grave and emotional circumstances of his losing his wife to her battle with cancer. He wrote in a post:

These songs are about Geneviève getting diagnosed with bad cancer, dying, and then the feelings and events and realities of life afterward. If you are a person who says “passed away” instead of “died” you might be uncomfortable and unhappy.

For more info, see Elverum’s handwritten/painted posters below.