Stream Che Che Got Wings EP

Last year, one of our first Album Of The Week picks was Neffy Got Wings, a breezy and charismatic full-length mixtape collaboration from the frisky young Bay Area rapper Nef The Pharaoh and the hooky, inventive Texas-based producer Cardo. And now it’s starting to look like Cardo is making a new-year tradition of these mixtape collabs. Cardo recently teamed up with the unknown-to-me R&B singer Che for a new EP-length mixtape called Che Got Wings, and the pair released it last night. On first listen, Che is a perfectly silky singer, but the real joy in the tape is in hearing him navigate these efficiently funky Cardo beats, and in hearing the beats themselves. Listen to the tape below.

Right now, there’s no download link for Che Got Wings; maybe we’ll get one eventually.

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