New Live Spoon – “Writing To You In Reverse”

The Pitchfork Festival feels like eons ago, though it was only late July. With the proliferation of summer music fests it can get difficult remembering where you saw which band, so it’s nice when some sort of artifact (a good video, a good bootleg MP3) surfaces and works as a kind of souvenir. When Amrit and I recapped Sunday at Union Park we mentioned Spoon played a solid set. They also played something new: The title’s not official, but this song, recorded during that Fest set, is being listed as “Writing To You In Reverse” by the folks who first posted it. It comes with some noisy guitar, loud piano, fuzzed bass, and one of those repetitious Spoonerisms that you should be aware of at this point. I have a feeling fans will go Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, etc.

Spoon – “Writing To You In Reverse” (MP3)
(via you ain’t no picasso)

It’s hard to make any conclusions re: the mix, since it was an outdoor festival and it depends on where the recordist was standing, etc., but that distortion on the piano and almost dub-like disintegration on the vocals would be well-worth replicating in the studio.

[ Photo of Spoon @ P4K Fest 2008]

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