The KLF Announce Reunion Via Mysterious Poster

The pranksterish, theory-heavy British dance duo the KLF made a whole lot of hits in the late ’80s and early ’90s, and those tracks have aged beautifully. But they’re even more famous for their anarchic stunts: Turning the Brit Awards stage over to crust-metallers Extreme Noise Terror in 1992, setting a million pounds of their own money on fire. And now that they’re apparently set to reunite, they’ve turned that reunion announcement into another minor stunt.

As the Quietus points out, the UK newspaper Eastfolk Chronicle has reported the existence of a mysterious poster announcing that the KLF will unveil something new on 8/23, under their Justified Ancients Of Mu-Mu moniker. They’ve also disavowed any other weird pranks that other people might be perpetrating in the KLF name. Here’s a picture of the poster:

The KLF broke up in 1992. We don’t yet know what form this reunion will take, or even if this is some kind of prank, but it’ll be fun to watch it unfold.

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