Michelle Branch Releasing Comeback Album Co-Written By Patrick Carney

Michelle Branch hasn’t released an album since 2003’s Hotel Paper — though she did put out an EP in 2010 — but she’s making a comeback later this year with a new album called Hopeless Romantic, which would make it her first full-length in 14 years. As Entertainment Weekly reports in a most anticipated albums round-up (via Spin), it was co-written by Patrick Carney, one half of the Black Keys (and Branch’s current boyfriend). EW says that the album has a “laid-back rock & roll sound” and its lyrics touch on her 2015 divorce from bassist Teddy Landau and the subsequent meeting of Carney. There aren’t any singles to hear just yet, but the album is scheduled to be released on 4/7.

As an avowed fan of Branch’s 2001 The Spirit Room — I still have the CD somewhere! — I am cautiously excited. Here are some jams: