Happyness – “Falling Down” Video

We marked Happyness as a Band To Watch due to the appeal of their debut album Weird Little Birthday, an album that combined the classicist indie-rock of Pavement and Yo La Tengo with an absurdist, distinctly British sense of humor. Now the trio is finally giving that album a proper follow-up. Write In will arrive this April, and we’ve got the details below along with a video for casually swaying lead single “Falling Down.” Watch below.


01 “Falling Down”
02 “The Reel Starts Again [Man As Ostrich]”
03 “Anytime”
04 “Through Windows”
05 “Uptrend / Style Raids”
06 “Bigger Glass Less Full”
07 “Victor Lazarro’s Heart”
08 “Anna, Lisa Calls”
09 “The C Is A B A G”
10 “Tunnel Vision On Your Part”

Write In is out 4/7 on Bar/None.

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