Watch Action Bronson And Jonah Hill Butcher A Giant Tuna

Watch Action Bronson And Jonah Hill Butcher A Giant Tuna

Action Bronson just shared a new episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious, his Viceland food show. And while the show often takes him around the world, the new one is based entirely in his New York hometown, and it includes a lot of footage of him working on a new album. But for celebrity-spotting purposes, the climax comes toward the end, when two-time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill, a man who seems to want very badly to be best friends with Action Bronson, shows up. He brings Bronson to the Manhattan sushi spot Shuko, where the two of them butcher a tuna about the size of a beluga whale. (Hill mostly stands around, but still, he’s there.) At one point, they, along with the chefs at the restaurant, drink the fish’s spinal fluid in shot glasses. Also, you get to hear Hill say, “I have a mouth boner,” and Bronson say, “My touch was seductive in some manner.” Watch the full episode below; the Hill escapade starts around the 18:15 mark.

You can keep up with Fuck, That’s Delicious here.

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