Pharrell Accepts Jenna Bush’s Apology For “Hidden Fences” Question

At last night’s Golden Globe Awards, Pharrell Williams was nominated for co-writing the score for the movie Hidden Figures, the historical-drama hit about the black women who helped develop the NASA space program. But Jenna Bush Hager, the Today host and the daughter of a former president, evidently got that movie’s title tangled up with that of another movie with a predominantly black cast. Talking to Pharrell on NBC’s red-carpet pre-show, Bush Hager mentioned the movie “Hidden Fences” to the hitmaker, and the face he made became an immediate meme.

Bush apologized for the malapropism on Today this morning. And Pharrell, whose face evidently did not freeze like that, has accepted her apology on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Michael Keaton’s apology is still forthcoming.