No Thank You – “Juicy J”

No Thank You – “Juicy J”

No Thank You is the project of Philadelphia-based musician Kaytee Della-Monica, and her forthcoming debut album, Jump Ship, is a breathless rush of chugging riffs and seesawing melodies, clocking in at a short, stormy, and economical 20 minutes. “Juicy J” is its charming lead single, a furor of anticipation and jumbled nerves in which Della-Monica races to keep up with the fast-paced swirl of a new relationship. “I can’t keep up with you/ Way faster than I’m used to/ I’m trying to catch up/ Hoping that you might wait up,” she sings, her voice building up to a deflating hook: “I’m so glad we met/ Thanks for playing pretend.” It’s over just as soon as starts, but it’s the sort of song whose energy only grows more vibrant with repeat listens. Hear it alongside a kaleidoscopic visual that Della-Monica for it below.

01 “Eyeballs”
02 “Cold”
03 “Old News”
04 “Serenity Song”
05 “Bad @ Love Songs”
06 “Juicy J”
07 “Teeter”
08 “The Unbearable Purposelessness Of Being”

Jump Ship is out 2/24 via Lame-O Records. Pre-order it on vinyl here and digitally here.

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