Mating Ritual – “Night Lies”

LA indie pop outfit Mating Ritual are set to drop their two-volume album How You Gonna Stop It? later this year. If their latest single “Night Lies” is any indication, it will be full of lush, sweeping pop craft tinged with electro energy. The song begins with intricate percussion and slowly builds into a deftly layered affair with vibrant, pulsing synth layers oscillating in energy, bolstering Lizzy Land’s harmonies. Penetrating lyrics about how frustrating it is to find a real connection through dating apps and seemingly exponential options are lifted into the stratosphere. Here’s what Mating Ritual had to say about the song:

“Night Lies” is about the paranoia of fidelity that stems from modern dating. The options are as open and immediate as they’ve ever been for casual sex. It doesn’t matter whether someone’s cheating on you or not, the seeds have been sown and suspicion can derail the best of us. If you love someone, let them know and stop keeping the door open just in case shit hits the fan.


Vol. I tracklist:

01 “How You Gonna Stop It?”
02 “Night Lies”
03 “American Muscle”
04 “Look the Other Way”
05 “Fake It”
06 “Swim”

Tour Dates:

How You Gonna Stop It? Vol. I is out 1/24.