The Weeknd – “Party Monster” Video

The Weeknd recently put his Trump-related confusion to the side long enough to make a video for “Party Monster,” one of the more immediately accessible songs from his new Starboy album. (This is the song with the “ass shaped like Selina” line, which scans a little differently now that the Weeknd is reportedly dating Selena Gomez.) The new video leaves behind the hyperreal violence of the Weeknd’s recent “Starboy” and “False Alarm” videos, as well as his MANIA short film. BRTHR directed the new one, and it’s a disorienting, saturated psychedelic montage of cars and girls and crosses and the Weeknd brooding. At one point, a CGI panther jumps out of a TV at the Weeknd. At another, the Weeknd’s face melts. You can watch it below.

Starboy is out now on XO/Republic.

Tags: BRTHR, The Weeknd