The Obsessives – “Surfer Rosa” Video

The Obsessives namecheck the Pixies’ debut album on “Surfer Rosa,” and it’s not the only time they pay tribute to their idols on their forthcoming self-titled sophomore album. The duo — made up of childhood friends Nick Bairatchnyi and Jackson Mansfield — repurpose and recontexualize a lot of different sounds throughout The Obsessives, but their songwriting is sharp enough that their throwbacks feel energetic and chipper as they journey through the annals of indie-rock. “Surfer Rosa” boasts a sardonic hook — “Baby, can you remember the last time I pleased you?” — that’s equal parts self-deprecating and carefree. The accompanying video for the track sees the Philly-based band playing and losing an IRL video game, repeating the same actions until they’ve learned the lesson. They’re goofily earnest and likable, and it’s no wonder that they’re joining Modern Baseball, Kevin Devine & the Goddamn Band, and Sorority Noise on their upcoming spring tour. Watch and listen below.

01 “Intro”
02 “You’re My God”
03 “Surfer Rosa”
04 “Violent”
05 “A Shady Place”
06 “If You Really Love Me”
07 “Now She’s Smoking”
08 “It’s Not Fair”
09 “In Her Belly”
10 “It’s OK If”
11 “He Is Wise”
12 “Sometimes”
13 “When One Thing Ends”
14 “You’re Gonna Be”

The Obsessives is out 3/17. Pre-order it via Lame-O Records (US), Dog Knights Productions (UK), or Cooking Vinyl (AUS). Check out their upcoming tour dates here.