Trent Reznor Blames Social Media For Today’s “Formulaic Vegan Restaurant Patron-Type Shit” Music

Trent Reznor was one of the first big-name musicians to maintain an active and engaged Twitter presence, though he had a conflicted relationship with the platform. But maybe you won’t be surprised to learn that he has no kind words for the growing institution of social media. Yahoo recently spoke with Reznor and his collaborator Atticus Ross about their score for the new movie Patriots Day, and Reznor had some choice words for the way that we live today.

In talking about the new challenges in creating art today, Reznor had this to say:

What has crept in is that everyone’s a commentator now. The internet is giving voice to everybody thinking that someone gives a shit what they have to say and they have the right. I think, in general, that has created a toxic environment for artists and led to some very safe music. Artists are trying to make music to please the tastemakers that tell the sheep what to like. It’s a vicious cycle and I think it’s unhealthy. I don’t see any Princes emerging on the scene today. I see a lot of people making formulaic, made to please, vegan restaurant patron-type shit. And I think it creates an environment where people are too fuckin’ worried about what other people have to say. And people who have never made anything think it’s OK to talk shit about stuff they have no right to talk about. You got a Facebook account? Nobody gives a fuck. You haven’t achieved anything.

This, even though Reznor won his Oscar for scoring The Social Network! The ingratitude!