Hajk – “Best Friend”

Hajk are an Oslo quintet featuring Preben Sælid Andersen of Death By Unga Bunga, but rather than that band’s “Fight!” played like Thin Lizzy with the overdrive pedal cranked up, Hajk’s latest single is crisp, clear, and smooth. “Best Friend” is a street-ready guitar-pop track that exists somewhere between Dire Straits and Phoenix circa It’s Never Been Like That. The lyrics are openhearted and direct: “I don’t know if I can ever trust you again/ What ever happened to my best friend?” Some thoughts from the band:

This is a in-your-face little pop-tune. We wanted it to sound modern and tight, but also with a little ’80s vibe, referring to our childhood music. This is a song about close friends who might expect too much of each other and get to the point where it finally falls apart — just like it did for me in my late teens, for better or worse.

Listen below along with previous single “Magazine.”

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