Watch Bon Iver Play Stripped-Down “Babys” In Take Away Show At Berlin Studio

The Take Away Shows, the long-running video series from the French website La Blogothèque, are usually the musical equivalent of a Dogme 95 film. They capture musicians playing out in public, unamplified, with no camera cuts and all natural lighting. But in the latest edition, the people behind the series have broken tradition, filming a band playing in front of an audience. But this is still something different from a standard live video. It’s the smallest-possible version of Bon Iver — just Justin Vernon and longtime collaborator S. Carey — playing “Babys,” from the 2009 EP Blood Bank, in the historic Berlin radio studio Funkhaus. The performance was shot during rehearsals for Bon Iver’s big Berlin collaboration with the National. The stirring performance is built entirely on the interplay of Vernon and Carey’s pianos and their falsettos. Check it out below.

This was the first in a series of Funkhaus-set Take Away Shows.