Slightly Stoopid Releasing Smokable Record Made Of Hash

Arguments about whether or not vinyl actually sounds better are meaningless, because vinyl’s resurgence likely has less to do with sound quality at this point than it does an increased demand for novelty merch. But beyond the color-exclusives and increasingly confounding packaging, the most striking example of the contemporary mangling of vinyl’s reason to exist is Slightly Stoopid’s smokable, $7,000 weed record. That’s right, the band’s instrumental track “Dabbington” is now the first known vinyl pressed from hash. Here’s what it looks like, courtesy of Billboard:

As of now the first two pressings (yup, there’s more than one of these monstrosities out there) have only produced somewhat passable audio, but a third and final attempt at this thing is planned for early this year. Yet some good might come out of this, as Slightly Stoopid’s manager Jon Phillips plans to market the band’s brand of bubble hash to dispensaries and donate a percentage of the proceeds to cancer research. He’s also considering auctioning it off for charity, so maybe a lucky buyer will also be able to do some good while making poor decisions at some point in the future. You can listen to “Dabbington” below, I suppose.