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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Fuck this week. Fuck this day, in particular. Here are some videos.

5. Jeff Rosenstock – “Pash Rash” (Dir. Benjamin Epstein & David Combs)

A fitting rebuke of the weird phenomenon of everyone taping live shows on their phones, so that you see constant upraised phones all across the front row whenever you go out. But this is also a fun document of a a sweaty punk rock show, and we can never get enough of those.

4. Delicate Steve – “Winners” (Dir. Bob Burton)

Vaguely rednecky beach-boardwalk towns are some of the greatest places in our country. Look at how happy everyone is!

3. Watsky – “Stick To Your Guns” (Feat. Julia Nunes) (Dir. Carlos Lopez Estrada)

We just spent the past year letting that red-eyed sheep run around, didn’t we?

2. Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 – “Star Stuff” (Dir. Harry Israelson)

A weird little collage of everything I thought was cool in the ’90s indie movies that I loved, especially the ones that haven’t aged too well. Those things are still cool, somehow, even if they’re cool with an extra set of quotation marks now.

1. Young Thug – “Wyclef Jean” (Dir. Ryan Staake & “Young Thug”)

A ridiculously fun deconstruction of the rap video shoot and all the maddening little things that can go wrong with it, from a guy who’s had enough and who is not going to take it anymore. I can’t tell if Staake just boosted his video-director career or sent it plummeting to a glorious death.