Mastodon Tease New Album Which May Or May Not Be Yoga Music

Atlanta metal veterans Mastodon are releasing a new album this year, and today the band shared a teaser video to pique interest in the project. In the clip, a member of Mastodon with his face blacked out and his voice distorted gives some confusing intel about the group’s latest round of songs: “I can’t talk about it. Were recording music. Different kinds of music. World music. Uh, heavy metal. R&B. Celtic music. Music to dance to. Music to sit down to. Music to do yoga. Music to do all different kinds of, um, exercises to. Things like that.” Later, when asked if he’s the drummer, he replies, “No, but we do drum tracks for music — especially yoga music — and it might be done.” He also says they have a title and a release date but he can’t tell us any of that.

I’m sure someone with a more intimate knowledge of the band’s tattoo situation could identify which member is speaking in this video, if that’s something that interests you.

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