Ray Davies – “Poetry”

The recently knighted Kinks founder Sir Raymond Douglas Davies will release a new album in April which he recorded with the Jayhawks. Americana is Davies’ first release in nearly a decade, and its first single, “Poetry,” is a critique of US consumerist culture. He sings: “I kneel down and say grace for the comforts the world bestows on me / And the great corporations providing our every need / And those big neon signs telling us what to eat / And every shop window goods are designed to please / Oh but I ask / Where is the poetry?” Americana was inspired by Davies’ memoir of the same name, and the album includes some spoken-word passages from his autobiography. Listen to “Poetry” and check out the Americana tracklist below.

Americana tracklist:

01. “Americana”
02. “The Deal”
03. “Poetry”
04. “Message From The Road”
05. “A Place In Your Heart”
06. “The Mystery Room”
07. “Silent Movie”
08. “Rock ‘N’ Roll Cowboys”
09. “Change For Change”
10. “The Man Upstairs”
11. “I’ve Heard That Beat Before”
12. “A Long Drive Home To Tarzana”
13. “The Great Highway”
14. “The Invaders”
15. “Wings Of Fantasy”

Americana is out 4/21.