Stream Once & Future Band Once & Future Band

Stream Once & Future Band Once & Future Band

How Does It Make You Feel?” is the question that Once & Future Band posed on the lead single off of their self-titled debut. The answer, at least for me, is “like I’m watching a lava lamp while seated comfortably in the lounge of my state-of-the-art rocketship, which is currently blasting off into space.” Any attempt to describe the Oakland band’s sound inevitably devolves into a catalog of their influences — mostly ’70s touchstones like Yes, Genesis, Steely Dan, ELO, Queen, and Pink Floyd — but their music is so much more than nostalgic pastiche. They make modern prog-rock without any pretension or wankery, just lots of melody, lots of fun, and yes, OK, a few complicated time signatures. Listen below.

Once & Future Band is out 1/27 on Castle Face.

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