Mai Lan – “Vampire” Video

The French pop enigma Mai Lan is planning to release her debut album this spring. (My friend Nick Sylvester produced the entire thing, just as he did for Shamir’s Ratchet.) And today, she unveils her new video for “Vampire,” which she co-write with M83’s Anthony Gonzalez, a frequent collaborator. The French directing team PANAMÆRA, who previously teamed up with Mai Lan on her clips for “Technique” and “Haze,” once again direct. And this time, Mai Lan stars as the leader of a sexy vampire crew who take over an aging lounge lizard’s mansion and eventually turn him into lunch. Below, watch the video and read some comments on it from Mai Lan.

Mai Lan writes:

“Vampire” is a joyful, festive threat.

In this song, I am a vampire who explains there is no way to escape and how I will devour you.

It is a trip, a kind of egosferatrip :)

I always liked the narrow limit between a frightening and a funny atmosphere, that fuzzy half-smile.

We wrote this song with Anthony Gonzalez (M83) at Los Angeles, in his studio.

He sent me a demo, and I started working on the lyrics and melodies while I was in the plane. The chorus came right away, like an evidence. It’s great when it’s like this, as if the song had to come out and it no longer depends on you. Kind of mystic.

The video has been directed PANAMÆRA, I love it. I show up with my vampire-girlfriends crew, half-thug half-sex, in a weird garden party where everyone drinks this strange red liquid… I’ll let you discover what happens next <3

“Vampire” is out now on Cinq 7/Wagram.