Robin Thicke Accused Of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse

The custody battle between Robin Thicke and his ex-wife Paula Patton over their six-year-old son Julian has led to some serious allegations that go beyond your typical ugly divorce. According to TMZ, Julian recently told school officials that his dad had spanked him and punched him, and the school reported the incident to the LA County Department Of Children And Family Services, who subsequently opened an investigation. Patton began denying Thicke access to their son and filed an emergency order asking a family law judge to restrict Thicke’s contact with Julian to monitored daytime visits only. Thicke admitted to “light spanking,” but only rarely, and claimed that Patton’s accusations were made because of his decision to block her from attending his father Alan’s funeral last month.

Thicke and Patton both sought temporary sole custody in an LA courtroom today, and a judge issued a domestic violence restraining order against Thicke, ordering him to must stay away from Julian, Patton, and her mother. According to the declaration that Patton filed in support of the restraining order, she and Thicke got in a fight at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival, and he hit her upper body with a closed fist and pushed her to the ground, allegedly threatening to “bash [her] fucking head in.” She also claims that he had a serious cocaine problem, that he cheated on her, and that he once spanked Julian for asking for a hug before bed.

According to Thicke’s lawyers, the DCFS will soon close the investigation into Thicke because the allegations of child abuse are “unfounded.” They also say that the DCFS has opened an investigation into Patton for “emotional abuse” for intentionally trying to alienate Julian from his father.

UPDATE: The custody battle rages on. Robin Thicke is currently limited to three visits a week with his son, with a court-appointed monitor present. The monitor cancelled one of the visits last week after determining that Julian didn’t want to visit and cut another short, and TMZ reports that Thicke’s lawyers were in court today asking a judge to allow him unmonitored visits. The judge rejected the request, and when Thicke then requested a different monitor, the judge rejected that too.