Queens Of The Stone Age Call Donald Trump A “Barf Inducing, Fascist, Clown Penis”

Queens Of The Stone Age Call Donald Trump A “Barf Inducing, Fascist, Clown Penis”

So many musicians have criticized Donald Trump at this point that you have to be especially creative to separate your condemnation from the pack. Queens Of The Stone Age really stepped up to the plate with their latest Instagram screed, though, so let’s applaud their inventively insulting parlance toward our rightfully unpopular commander in chief. Presumably frontman Josh Homme was responsible for these words, which accompanied the above photograph of Trump’s tiny hands and gargantuan double chin:

This man is a shallow, inept, multi-bankrupt declaring, narcissistic, narrow minded, out of touch, objectifying, barf inducing, fascist, clown penis… who also happens to be re-stup-redicu-lame. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”? Edmund Burke

There are, of course, many substantial reasons to criticize Trump’s actions since taking office (not to mention all his actions before taking office) — most recently the Muslim-targeted immigration ban that drew massive protests all weekend — but what seems to really drive the guy mad is his sweeping unpopularity, particularly among the celebrities whose approval he so desperately craves. So it’s always satisfying to see famous people denying him that approval, even when it’s a famous person I suspect Trump has never heard of.

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