Thou And Thrill Jockey Release Many Waters: Baton Rouge Flood Relief 2017

A lot of organizations are in desperate need of money right now, and we’ve seen countless artists and labels come together to raise funds. Today, Thou and Thrill Jockey released a compilation that will benefit the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank in response to the Louisiana floods that crippled the region last year. Joshua Nee, the drummer of Thou, shared the following statement about the project:

I spent the better part of three weeks after the [Baton Rouge] flood driving around neighborhoods looking for homes to help out. Every day after work and pretty much all day on the weekends was spent gutting damaged homes. You could tell by looking at a house, that if it didn’t have refuse and debris scattered around outside of it, it probably needed some help getting cleared out. We’d see a house without anything on the front lawn, and just go knock on the door and see if people needed help clearing things out. Once a house has had water in it for that long, all the wood gets swollen and rots and mold sets in, so you have to take it all out – sheet rock and all. A practice space we had been sharing with a slew of other bands was totally wrecked, and countless bands I know had their spaces and equipment destroyed.

When Mitch was getting this benefit together, he asked what organization would make sense to donate to. I told him the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, as they had been really amazing and helpful during the aftermath of the flood, and they themselves had even been completely flooded out.

I was thrilled to have so many local Louisiana bands on the compilation. All of those bands come from the same DIY community based background. Punk, pop, metal, whatever. They represent all kinds of music, but they all come from a similar, supportive culture.

Many Waters: Baton Rouge Flood Relief 2017 features The Body & Full Of Hell covering Devo’s “Gates Of Steel,” Thou covering Neil Young’s “Don’t Let It Bring You Down,” exclusive live recordings, and much more. You can buy the album for $20 on Bandcamp or Thrill Jockey’s site.

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