PINS – “Aggrophobe” (Feat. Iggy Pop) Video

PINS – “Aggrophobe” (Feat. Iggy Pop) Video

Manchester quartet PINS have a song on their upcoming Bad Thing EP called “Aggrophobe” featuring none other than Iggy Pop, and today we’re premiering the video. It’s a shadowy vaudevillian cabaret that matches the tune’s ominous art-punk stylings. The band shared some helpful context over email:

“Aggrophobe” is the wild card from our EP. It grew from a little tune I recorded on my Mac to having this really cool poem scrawled over the top of it by Mark Vernon to us recording loads of loops and stitching them together to Iggy Pop laying down a vocal. The video was filmed partly at the director’s studio in Ancoats and partly at one of our favourite pubs on Oldham Street called Gulliver’s. This video is taken from the short film we’ve made as a visual version of the EP. We’re backstage waiting to go on to play a show, whilst the other acts are doing their thing. We had some great drag performers come and film with us, Grace and Trish Dee and the It Girls.

And here’s another statement from director Olivier Richomme:

The stage is set in a hidden club in the belly of a decaying building in the centre of town. Witness a vaudeville night of transgression and vice as tension builds behind and in front of the curtain. Inspired by 70’s horror cinema and film noir and a nod to the work of Dario Argento and David Lynch, the film explores the hidden corners of the Manchester nightlife to the backdrop of PINS and Iggy Pop.

Watch it below.

Bad Thing is out 3/24. Pre-order it here.

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