Molly Burch – “Wrong For You”

Molly Burch’s trademark anachronistic sensibility doesn’t betray the relevance of her finely crafted songwriting. While she’s often touted as a descendant of Patsy Cline or Billie Holiday, she has more direct ties as a contemporary of Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten. Her songs are doused in rustic twang and pitter-patter percussion, seemingly resistant to forward motion as they pirouette in place with perfect composure. You could hear that graceful swing in full effect on the elegantly hazy “Try,” but it takes on a new urgency in Burch’s latest single from her forthcoming debut Please Be Mine.

“Wrong For You” has a fluttering keyboard and twinkling guitars, but also a steady thumping heartbeat that keeps the daydreamy sonics grounded in Burch’s romantic despair. You can’t choose who you become attached to, and Burch is the latest victim of unrequited dedication to a man she knows is no good. “You said I was the only one/ But I know that you say that to all the girls,” she bemoans in her melodiously smoky voice, which slips in and out of a higher register alongside sliding guitars doing the same. Even as she sings of a hopeless attraction, it can’t help but come across as sweetly sentimental. “I know that no one really belongs to you…Why am I wrong for you?” Her love may be impractical, but it sure is dazzling in its expression. Listen below.

Please Be Mine is out 2/17 via Captured Tracks.

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