Preview Lady Gaga’s Tiffany & Co. Super Bowl Ad

This coming weekend, Lady Gaga will play the Super Bowl Halftime Show. And the bajillions of people tuning into the big game will see a lot of Gaga. As Billboard points out, the giant jewelry retailer Tiffany & Co. has shelled out for a 60-second ad that stars Gaga. Judging by the preview that the Tiffany people have shared, this will not be one of those funny and self-aware Super Bowl ads. Instead, it’ll be Gaga lolling around a living-room floor and talking about creativity. Check out a preview below:

As for the performance itself, Gaga’s frequent duet partner Tony Bennett will reportedly join her onstage. But Bennett doesn’t appear in the slick behind-the-scenes rehearsal video that Gaga just shared. Instead, it’s mostly Gaga’s manager talking about how she’s preparing for the big night the same way the athletes are. Watch that short video below:

Go Falcons.