Watch Japandroids Play The Hell Out Of “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life” On Colbert

It can’t be easy for a band of two dudes to face the prospect of a late-night TV performance. But last night on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, Japandroids stepped the hell up. As the show’s musical guests, Japandroids performed “Near To The Wild Heart Of Life,” the title track from their great new album. And they played it with a level of energy and intensity that we don’t see too often in TV performances. The show’s technicians did everything they could to help Japandroids look larger-than-life, too. They whirled cameras all around the band, and they gave them a big, mythic light show. The result is one of those late-night performances that you really need to watch, and you can watch it below.

Near To The Wild Heart Of Life is out now on Anti-.