Kylie Minogue Shuts Down Kylie Jenner’s Attempt To Trademark The Name Kylie

For several years now, American reality TV star Kylie Jenner and Australian dance-pop diva Kylie Minogue have been battling in court over Jenner’s attempt to trademark the name Kylie. That battle has come to a conclusion, and as The Daily Mail reports, Minogue won. Jenner initially applied for the US trademark in 2014, but Minogue vigorously disputed the claim in a letter to the court, asserting her own accomplishments as a singer and activist — plus her decades-long association with the name Kylie — while dismissing Jenner as a “secondary reality television personality.” The US Patent Office must have agreed with Minogue because they rejected Jenner’s claim last week. Jenner is, of course, appealing the decision.