50 Cent’s Son Recorded A 50 Cent Diss Track

50 Cent’s Son Recorded A 50 Cent Diss Track

It already hasn’t been a good few years for 50 Cent. In 2016 alone he wasn’t nominated for a Golden Globe, was arrested and paid a $1100 fine for cursing on stage at a Caribbean music festival, accidentally insulted and had to apologize to an autistic airport janitor, and was called out on tape by Jay Electronica. That’s all on top of a string of sex tape fiascos the year before, which happened to occur around the same time he declared bankruptcy.

Subsequently, public opinion of 50 has swiftly eroded, with the rapper having to resort to embarrassing late night comedy sketches to try and improve his favorability ratings. So it’s not necessarily surprising that 50’s first-born son Marquise Jackson would also begin to lose a bit of respect for his father. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make Jackson calling out his dad on his debut rap single — from the upcoming mixtape Escape — any less savage. “Lost my pops, he’s still alive,” the 20-year-old seethes on a menacing track inspired by Dr. Dre’s 2001 track “What’s The Difference.” Here’s Jackson reflecting on the line with Rap-Up:

Growing up, my dad was my superhero. It was like having a father who was Superman, more or less. But then, as I got older, you start realizing things or you start seeing certain patterns and it takes an effect on your relationship with people. That’s what happened with me and my father.

Beyond having the gall to call out his father on his first ever song — which he dropped on the 14th anniversary of Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ mind you — Jackson also displays a fiery spirit coupled with adept skills on the mic, which makes “Different” worth your time all on its own. Listen below.

Escape is due out later this year.

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