Watch Janelle Monáe Talk Pompadours, The Super Bowl, Going Into Space On Conan

Right now, Janelle Monáe is in the midst of one of the most successful music-to-acting career transitions in recent memory. Unless we’re counting her voice-acting roles in Rio 2 and on an episode of American Dad, she’s only been in two movies, and both of those movies — Moonlight and Hidden Figures — are up for Best Picture this year. That is an absurdly good early batting average! And it means that Monáe has hit the stage of her career where she can be the sort of talk-show guest who can have conversations with the host. She’s not just performing! Last night, she was on Conan, where she was fun and composed. With Conan O’Brien, she discussed pompadour maintenance, watching the Super Bowl at Diddy’s house, and her ambition to go into space one day. Watch the interview below.

I haven’t seen Hidden Figures yet, but Moonlight is great, and Monáe is great in it.