Thor Harris Suspended From Twitter For How-To-Punch-A-Nazi Tutorial

Thor Harris — former Swans member and great musician in his own right — has a reliably awesome Twitter account, and he recently posted a video that served as a tutorial on the best way to punch a Nazi in the face. It is a very polite video on the best way to sock a white nationalist in the face (“Hold your wrist straight like this, otherwise you can hurt your wrist” — good advice), but must have gotten around to the wrong type of people (Nazis) because Twitter has suspended his account (@thorharris666) over it. Xiu Xiu, thankfully, has preserved the original video along with relaying the news that Harris was suspended for it. Watch below, and if you’re in the mood to punch some virtual Nazis right this very second, you can do so here.

Bring @thorharris666 back!

UPDATE: @thorharris666 is back! His account has been reinstated, although the tweet in question appears to have been deleted.

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