Jason Derulo Accuses American Airlines Of Racial Profiling In Baggage Check Incident

Jason Derulo is accusing American Airlines of racial profiling after a heated incident at Miami International Airport, TMZ reports. According to the singer, he and his eight-man entourage tried to check 19 bags after arriving at the airport for a flight to LA on Wednesday afternoon. An employee rudely told him that he couldn’t check his bags, so Derulo boarded the plane while one member of his crew stayed behind to sort the bag situation out.

After the plane had pulled away from the gate, the guy handling the bags called Derulo and said that AA wanted to charge him $6000 for the excess luggage. Outraged, Derulo insisted that they turn the plane around so he could get off, and when he got back to the gate, he was harangued by the pilot and greeted by 15 hostile police officers. “If I wasn’t Jason Derulo, I wouldn’t be here right now, I’d be in fucking cuffs,” he says. “It’s 100% racial. Because the initial thought in people’s minds is, ‘These hoodlums are causing problems.'”

A source at American Airlines tells TMZ that the airline’s most elite customers receive only three free checked bags.

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