DMX Gives Motivational Speech To Philly Homeless

Maybe more than any other celebrity I could name, DMX has known struggle. Even after ascending to the heights of rap stardom, addiction problems and issues with the law undid him. Exactly a year ago, police in Yonkers revived DMX after an overdose; he says now that he died for four and a half minutes. And yesterday, on the one-year anniversary of his temporary death, he gave an inspirational speech to a roomful of men at a homeless advocacy nonprofit in Philadelphia. reports that DMX was in town for a Meek Mill concert, and he took some time to speak to a crowd of about 50 at Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia. Councilman Kenyatta Johnson brought DMX to the shelter, and he told the people there about his life story and some of the things he’s faced. He also rapped a cappella and then played pool for a little while. DMX has had a good year since that overdose; he’s returned to touring and recording. And it’s very cool to see him doing what he can to serve as an inspiration for people who might be going through similar things. Watch some videos below.

Anyone who loves rap music is rooting for DMX. And it’s good to see that DMX is rooting for other people, too.

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