Oshwa – “Big Screens” Video

Last year, Oshwa — the project of Brooklyn-via-Chicago musician Alicia Walter — released her sophomore album, I We You Me, a collection of studied and ambitious pop songs that place just as much emphasis on composition as they do on visceral emotion. “Big Screens” is a highlight from it, a show-stopping number built around keys and terse strings that takes place after you’ve realized a meaningful relationship has run its course. Today, Oshwa is debuting a video for the track, directed by herself and Hannah Welever, and it’s an evocative black-and-white visual of Walter dancing in an empty studio. Here’s what she has to say about the video:

“Big Screens” is an elegy for a romance expired, and the dance in the video not only commemorates that love, it acts as a sort of offering – in a bit of a peacock’s-display-of-feathers way.  

I loved setting a song I’d written to the physical motions it made me want to do!  I don’t really have a formal dance history, so it was exciting to get into a room alone and just let myself explore.  I chose the final choreography based on how the movements made me feel when I performed them with the song – a process which felt a lot like songwriting itself.

Watch below.

Tour Dates:
03/16 Princeton University
03/17 Bard College
03/18 Cornell University
03/20 Hudson, NY
03/21 Boston, MA
03/23 Providence, RI
03/24 Bennington College
03/25 Syracuse University
03/26 Cleveland, OH
03/27 Oberlin College
03/29 Philadelphia, PA
03/30 Berklee College
03/31 Greenfield, MA
04/01 Yale University

I We You Me is out now.