Watch Carrie Brownstein Review Songs By Ryan Adams, Zayn & Taylor Swift, & Fergie On Vice News

Carrie Brownstein has already held about 10 different jobs, and she’s excelled at all of them. So now she’s coming for mine. On this week’s episode of the HBO show Vice News, Brownstein offered quick jukebox-jury capsule reviews of a few new songs: Ryan Adams’ “Do You Still Love Me?” and the Zayn/Taylor Swift duet “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” as well as new ones from Fergie and Wyclef Jean. She visibly cringes when she hears the name “Fergie.” It’s pretty great. Check it out below.

Portlandia is ending soon, so I am mentally preparing for the moment when Brownstein decides that she wants to write for Stereogum and puts me out on the street.