The Staves – “Tired As Fuck” & “Train Tracks”

The intricately harmonizing, Bon Iver-affiliated sister act the Staves are getting ready to tour North America, and to mark the occasion, they’ve just shared a new song called “Tired As Fuck.” It’s a slow-building, bluesy number that eventually leads to a cathartically blazing guitar solo, not the sort of thing you expect to hear from this group. In an email to fans, the band explains that it’s a song written in the midst of a breakup. Check out the track, its bare-bones video, and what the band has written about it below.

The Staves write:

“Tired As Fuck” was a song written in the midst of a relationship breaking down. Lamenting (among other things) the lack of some sort of guidance in that kind of situation, but also accepting and resigning yourself to the fact that you have to soldier on. Keep going. There is no helping hand.

There’s also another new song called “Train Tracks” on Spotify today, which you can hear below.

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