Hear Marc Maron Interview Ryan Adams On WTF

Later this week, Ryan Adams will release Prisoner, a prototypical divorce album. The comedian and podcaster Marc Maron has been through a couple of divorces, and he has a rich ability to get to the emotional core of people’s work. So you might expect to hear a conversation all about that when Adams sits down with Maron for an episode of his WTF podcast. Nope! Adams is Maron’s latest guest on the podcast, and scanning through their conversation right now, they mostly talk about the nuts and bolts of writing songs and playing those songs live. Adams also gets into things like the breakup of Whiskeytown, his old alt-country band, and his decision to record his full-album cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989. These guys are both engaging talkers, and the full podcast seems well worth hearing. Check out their conversation here.