Brooklyn Youth Chorus – “Black Mountain Song” (Comp. Bryce Dessner)

Back in 2014, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus performed a stage work as part of BAM’s Next Wave Festival, and they’ve recorded the piece in a studio for their debut album Black Mountain Songs. The project was co-curated by the National’s Bryce Dessner and Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry, and the first track that’s being shared from it is its title track, which was composed by Dessner. The rest of the album features contributions from Parry, Caroline Shaw, Nico Muhly, and Tim Hecker. Listen to “Black Mountain Songs” below.

01 “Black Mountain Song” (Bryce Dessner)
02 “there is a sound” (Richard Reed Parry)
03 “Its Motion Keeps” (Caroline Shaw)
04 “ars imitatur naturam” (John King)
05 “My World” (Bryce Dessner)
06 “Bubbles” (Aleksandra Vrebalov)
07 “Childhood’s Retreat” (Jherek Bischoff)
08 “Fielding Dawson in Franz Kline’s Studio” (Nico Muhly)
09 “Maximus to Gloucester” (Bryce Dessner)
10 “Spaceship Earth” (Richard Reed Parry)
11 “M.C. Richards” (Tim Hecker and Bryce Dessner)
12 “Anni’s Constant” (Caroline Shaw)
13 “Their Passing in Time” (Richard Reed Parry)

Black Mountain Songs is out 3/31 via New Amsterdam Records.