“TRUMP” Grammy Dress Wearer May Land Top 10 Debut

Joy Villa, better known as “that woman who wore a ‘Make America Great Again’ dress to the Grammys,” might land a top 10 debut. Billboard reports that sales of her 2014 album I Make The Static have suddenly surged in the wake of the ceremony, selling 15,000 copies in two days. According to industry sources, if that momentum keeps up, the album could potentially move 35,000 copies for the week, which could lead to a top 10 debut and Villa’s first appearance on any Billboard chart.

Recent reviews of the album in the iTunes store include such gems as “thank you for supporting TRUMP!! Will buy now! Thanks!,” “I’m buying the album just because of the dress. Way to go girl!” and “I don’t know this artist, but it doesn’t matter. I am supporting her bravery on Grammy night for standing for what she believes, whether others agree or not,” so it’s probably safe to say that her little publicity stunt worked out for her. Great. She should tour Russia.

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