Watch Anderson .Paak Turn NxWorries’ Tonight Show Debut Into A Theatrical Production

The the early ’70s all over again: Constant and unending turmoil in the White House, forward-thinking soul music on our stereos. In the past year, Anderson .Paak has emerged as one of the best late-night musical guests currently working. And last night, NxWorries, his duo with producer Knxwledge, made their late-night debut, performing the title track from their album Yes Lawd! on The Tonight Show. They made a whole production out of it, too. The stage was made up to look like a slightly dumpy living room, and Anderson .Paak, while singing, spent the entire song pleading for two actresses to forgive him for philandering, all while Knxwledge sat there picking at a beat machine. Anderson .Paak didn’t even break character when Jimmy Fallon was doing his whole “that’s the way you do it, buddy!” routine. And I haven’t even mentioned the string quartet that was up there with them. It was quite a performance, and you can watch it below.

Yes Lawd! is out now on Stones Throw.