The Weeknd Responds To Justin Bieber’s Disses On NAV’s “Some Way”

Lately, the Weeknd has been dating Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s ex. As a sort of response, Bieber has taken to clowning the Weeknd at every available opportunity. Bieber’s disses haven’t been anything particularly withering; they’ve mostly been stuff like this: “hell no, I can’t listen to the Weeknd’s song. That shit’s wack.” Or like this:

And now it appears that the Weeknd has clapped back, in song form. The Toronto singer/rapper/producer NAV recently shared the new Weeknd collab “Some Way,” and as Real Talk points out, the Weeknd’s lyrics seem directed right at Bieber: “Most number ones, number ones in a nigga league / I think your girl, think your girl fell in love with me / She say my fuck and my tongue gave a remedy.” Also: “I just took that chick, and I know you feeling some way / She just want a nigga like me, you feeling some way.” The most quotable line, though, comes from NAV: “I think the belts in the store look better on my waist / I think my nuts look better on her face.” He’s not talking to Justin Bieber. Probably. Here’s the song:

NAV and Metro Boomin reportedly have some sort of collaborative project coming out soon.