You Blew It! – “Arrowhead” Video

You Blew It!’s third full-length LP Abendrot found the band dialing back their trademark immediacy for the sake of more nuanced, darker songwriting. This approach extends to the band’s visuals as well, as their new video for “Arrowhead” proves with its cinematic narrative and resonant thematic framework. Shot in Philadelphia over the winter, the Josh Coll-directed clip centers on a girl whose head is covered in unblossomed flower buds trying to be accepted by two girls already having bloomed. You Blew It!’s simmering guitar work operates as a spaciously somber score while the girl is repeatedly rejected despite her best attempts at fitting in. “There’s got to be something wrong with me,” vocalist Tanner Jones intones again and again, mirroring the video’s pervasive emotion, up until the unsettling resolution at the end. Watch below via Uproxx.

Abendrot is out now via Triple Crown Records.