Preview Ryan Adams’ New Wayne’s World-Style Beats 1 Show The Midnight Wave

Ever wonder what goes on at Ryan Adams’ Pax-Am Studios every night? Well now you can find out. Adams is the newest among the plethora of stars hosting Beats 1 radio shows on Apple Music. Titled The Midnight Wave, the show premieres 2/19. It is, as Adams explains, “like Wayne’s World, but for real.” The trailer for The Midnight Wave covers some extremely necessary bases: A caller asserts that “UFOs do in fact exist but they won’t visit us because Earth fucking sucks. You know what I mean?” And he totally has a point, which Adams seems to agree with. There’s even a segment called “Twitter: Trump or Morrissey?” and one dubbed “Sad Advice.” The Midnight Wave sounds like a fun addition to Beats 1. Check out the kooky trailer for The Midnight Wave and other audio previews below.

Music Highlights:
Bay City Rollers – Saturday Night
Black Flag – Six Pack
Emperor – I Curse You All Men
Alice In Chains – Rain When I Die
KISS – I Love It Loud
Styx – Mr. Roboto
The Cure – Push

Tune into The Midnight Wave With Ryan Adams 2/19 on Beats 1 on Apple Music at 12AM EDT, with an encore airing at 3AM EDT.