Karen Elson – “Call Your Name”

“Call Your Name” is not just a gorgeously cascading, ornately constructed folk-rock sigh; it also appears to be an example of elite-level trolling. Karen Elson, the singer-songwriter who recorded the track for her new album Double Roses, used to be married to Jack White. Documents from their divorce hearings famously spotlighted White’s distaste for the Black Keys, who he believed had made a career out of ripping off his work with the White Stripes. And the co-producer on “Call Your Name” is none other than Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney. Draw your own conclusions, and hear the song below via SPIN.

UPDATE: Elson’s spokesperson says all the above parties are friends, as Elson herself has stated before. The spokesperson also correctly notes that it was unfair on our part to speculate about behind-the-scenes drama: “It’s not accurate to suggest there’s ‘trolling’ and unfair to suggest that Karen’s choice of musical collaborations are related to her divorce.” Sorry about that, Karen Elson.

Double Roses is out 4/7 on 1965 Records. Pre-order it here.