Stream Black Kids Rookie

Jumpy Floridian indie-poppers Black Kids seem destined to go down in history as a weird footnote in an ongoing story about the intersection of underground music and online hype. But they aren’t just that. They are also a continuing recording concern. Last year, we posted the music video for their song “Obligatory Drugs.” And over the weekend, they self-released a new album called Rookie. It’s their first full-length since their slightly notorious 2008 debut Partie Tramatic, and according to their Bandcamp, they recorded it about a year and a half ago. And if you were wondering if this is still the same Black Kids, please note that there is one song called “Natural Born Kissers” and another called “Way Into Leather.” You can stream the whole album below.

You can pay what you want to download Rookie at Bandcamp. Thanks to reader Rusty Roberts for the tip.

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