Steve Lacy – “Dark Red”

Steve Lacy – “Dark Red”

One by one, each member of the neo-R&B collective the Internet are releasing a solo album this year, and over the last month we’ve heard both Syd’s triumphant Fin and Matt Martians’ vibrant The Drum Chord Theory. Steve Lacy’s up next, releasing his solo debut Steve Lacy’s Demo this Friday. Our first taste of what Lacy is describing as less of an album and more as a “song series” is “Dark Red,” a desperate plea to stay that offers few reasons but a whole lot of conviction. “Don’t you give me up/ Please don’t give up,” Lacy warbles over the soulfully agitated beat, before turning inward: “What if she’s fine, it’s my mind that’s wrong?/ And I just let bad thoughts linger for far too long?” Listen to “Dark Red” and watch the video for Lacy’s previous single “Some” below.

Steve Lacy’s Demo is out 2/24.

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